Orr’s Family Farm

Orr’s Family farm was established in 2007 by Andrew Orr. While working at the former Wood Farm throughout his high school years Andrew had the opportunity to purchase the 14 acre parcel of land upon graduation.

Our Story

Andrew’s life was about to change in the upcoming years. He started working his new land immediately after graduation. Andrew began planting a wide variety of vegetables and several varieties of sweet corn, which in the years to come would become Andrew’s specialty.

Our Fruits & Vegetables

When you buy from local farm, like Orr’s Family Farm, you’re getting the freshest possible produce in season. Produce that travels long distances is days older. Sugars turn to starches, plant cells shrink, and produce loses its vitality and flavor

Beef Cuts & Products

We believe in community, food raised with integrity, and being good stewards of the land. From the day an animal arrives or is born at our farm it is treated with the utmost respect and given 100% of our efforts to give it the best life possible.

Orr’s Greenhouse

Although our greenhouse is not located at the farm address, it still is the heart and backbone of our operations. The Orr Family is able to start their plants early in the spring ensuring proper plant care and strong vigorous plants to be transplanted into the field. In addition to their own transplants, they also start a wide variety of different vegetables, fruit, flowers, and herbs available to customers to purchase. Plant sales begin in May and customers can stop by the farm seven days a week to choose their plants for their own gardens.

Orr’s Sugar Cane

For the past three years Orr’s Family Farm has been growing sugar cane. An unusual crop to be found in Southeastern Massachusetts, it started as an experiment to see whether or not there would be a long enough growing season in our area. The ten foot high plants grow like our sweet corn and folks often mistake it as such. Our cane grows well into September-October when it is then ready for harvest. Cut and sold upon request, stop by and check it out!

Once harvested, produce quickly loses nutrients. Like most local farms, we sell our fruits and vegetables right after picking, so they retains more nutrients.


-Local food is more nutritious.

The average distance our food travels is 1500 miles, mostly by air and truck, increasing our dependence on oil. By buying locally, you conserve the energy that’s otherwise used for transport.


Local food promotes conservation.

Our agricultural landscape survives only when farms are financially viable. By spending your money on locally grown food, you’re increasing the value of the land to the farmer and making development less likely.


Local food preserves open space.

The American family farmer is a vanishing breed - fewer than 1,000,000 people (less than 1% of Americans) claim farming as a primary occupation.


Local food supports local farmers.


187 Adamsville Rd,
Westport, MA 02790


Mike – (508) 916-8704

Andrew – (508) 916-8703


Open – May -December

Daily -10AM–6PM

What’s New for 2022 Growing Season

  • Wonderberries
  •   Huckleberry
  • Wasabi Radish
  • Japanese Kaho Watermelon
  • Royal Golden Watermelon

Extreme Heat Pepper Collection 

  • Apocalypse Scorpion
  • Carolina Reaper
  • Pumpkin Spice Jalapeno
  • Buena Mulata
  • Jolokia Ghost
  • Red Savina Habanero
  • Yellow Seven Pot
  • Sugar Rush Peach
  • Biquinho Red
  • Cayenne Long Thin