Our Story

How We Got Started

Orr’s Family farm was established in 2007 by Andrew Orr. While working at the former Wood Farm throughout his high school years Andrew had the opportunity to purchase the 14 acre parcel of land upon graduation. Andrew’s life was about to change in the upcoming years. He started working his new land immediately after graduation. Andrew began planting a wide variety of vegetables and several varieties of sweet corn, which in the years to come would become Andrew’s specialty.

In the years to follow he expanded to other local fields nearby which increased his production to some 35 acres of Westport soil. In addition to the produce expansion he also continued to work hard and construct a large greenhouse in which he could start his plants in early spring. In 2010 he added greenhouse Heirloom tomatoes to the list. He is able to start early tomatoes in January now and harvest in mid May when there is high demand for good tasting tomatoes. He now grows 300 tomato plants from seed to harvest indoors the greenhouse.

In 2012, Andrew had the opportunity to start raising livestock. He raised his first couple beef steers from calves to market in 18 months and realized how nice it was to sit down with his family and enjoy fresh beef and vegetables that were produced at the farm. Andrew quickly realized it was a great feeling to have and that’s when he decided to pass that same satisfaction along to his customers. He purchased more calves to raise for the following spring and began another adventure that will take him to what built Orr’s Farm today. He hooked up with a local USDA processing facility that could process his beef and package it for retail. At that point Andrew knew things were going to be much improved for his retail stand. Allowing customers to purchase a complete dinner at the stand was going to be a great thing to offer. Not only now could customers buy sweet corn but also purchase a high quality cut of beef to go with it. Great tasting food comes from local producers, and when you know what goes into each product there is no better feeling than that for you and your family.

Truly a Family Farm

Andrew continues on a daily basis to grow his vegetables with the best methods and care. He finds ways each season to improve his operations in the field and cause little to no impact on the environment. His beef animals are grass fed and kept healthy from start to finish. They have access to fresh water and plenty of vegetables for snacks. Andrew believes keeping his plants and animals in good health is the first step for a quality finished product. The Orr family thinks you’ll agree as well.

Andrew believes that a close relationship with family and friends on a daily basis makes for a successful family farm. You will find many of his family working at the stand and in the fields. His father Mike works the field, greenhouse, farm repairs, and manages the stand. His mother Joanne can be found harvesting flowers to make bouquets for flower sales along with working the stand. Even Andrews grandmother Jean helps out on a daily basis greeting customers and cashiering. His wife Meaghanne works alongside Andrew harvesting, planting, packaging and delivering products.

Andrew’s three children Torin, Darren, and Alyssa can be found helping out as well when they are not hard at work playing in the dirt, cultivating their love for outdoor farm life.

Andrew greatly appreciates each and every customer and the continued support over the years. Stop in for a visit, the Orr family look’s forward to seeing you!


187 Adamsville Rd,
Westport, MA 02790


Mike – (508) 916-8704

Andrew – (508) 916-8703


Open – May -December

Daily -10AM–6PM

What’s New for 2022 Growing Season

  • Wonderberries
  •   Huckleberry
  • Wasabi Radish
  • Japanese Kaho Watermelon
  • Royal Golden Watermelon

Extreme Heat Pepper Collection 

  • Apocalypse Scorpion
  • Carolina Reaper
  • Pumpkin Spice Jalapeno
  • Buena Mulata
  • Jolokia Ghost
  • Red Savina Habanero
  • Yellow Seven Pot
  • Sugar Rush Peach
  • Biquinho Red
  • Cayenne Long Thin